A photo of Josh Freed's catch

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Josh Freed
4/24/2016 2:09:37 AM

Doubled up with a jerkbait! Erie is on FIRE

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Presque Isle Bay

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1 ft. 7 in. in.
5 lb.
25 ft.

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    1. Trent Slagle 0
      anybody fish presque this past weekend??
    2. Trent Slagle 0
      Then yes I have
    3. Charles Aliff 0
      Northeast part of Presque Isle Bay.....I thought this was where you were fishing. Outside of the main channel.......
    4. Trent Slagle 0
      Where's that?
    5. Charles Aliff 0
      Trent, have you smallmouth fished in Thompson Bay?
    6. Trent Slagle 0
      Not good for me
    7. Charles Aliff 0
      How is the smallmouth bite at Presque Isle Bay as of 4/25/16?
    8. Johnny Moles Jr 0
      Thanks Josh
    9. Trent Slagle 0
      were you on main or channel or bay?
    10. Josh Freed 0
      They should be stacked up in the bay for another few weeks. Then they will be spawning on the flats. We had 50-52 degree water!
    11. Johnny Moles Jr 0
      What was the water temperature and how long do you think they will be on fire in the bay? I am thinking about making a trip up there. Thanks
    12. Josh Freed 0
      Anywhere from 12 to 25fow. Mainly drops and rock piles!
    13. Kurt Weingart 0
      What depth are you seeing them in? Thinking i might head up this weekend any info would help. Thx
    14. Derek Stitt 0
    15. Garrett Proctor 0
      Nice caught a small one on a swimbait and three largeies on a lipless yesterday definitely starting to produce
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