A photo of Josh Freed's catch

Caught By

Josh Freed
3/31/2016 5:42:00 PM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Chickamauga Lake

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2 ft. 2 in. in.
12 lb. 2 oz.
10 ft.


    1. Mike Velez
      Wow! Nice catch !
    2. Jack Marcinick
      Congrats! Once in a lifetime catch.
    3. scott clark
      That's a toad,congrats on the brain board win
    4. Robert Hardee
      Nice one
    5. J Gray
      that thing is a hoss!
    6. Mike Hirsch
      That lake is full on hawgs
    7. Tashia Thompson
      Awesome catch!
    8. Tim Steinmetz
      Awesome bass!
    9. scott clark
      now that's a slaunch donkey,nice job man
    10. Drew Gierach
      Great catch, Josh!
    11. Johnathan McCoy
      Nice job
    12. dennis sapp
      nice catch
    13. Morris Campbell
      That's a big one. Good job
    14. kenny thompson
    15. Jimmy Postell
      Nice fish
    16. Derek Stitt
      Awesome bass, congratulations!
    17. James Kester
      You found a nice one. Great job
    18. Josh Freed
      Yep yesterday!
    19. J Haney
      You da man. Did you catch her this week.
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