A photo of George Lay's catch

Caught By

George Lay
2/28/2016 5:59:16 PM

Got on them this morning, falcon is really fishing well.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Falcon International Reservoir (Falcon Lake)

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strike king jig
1 ft. 6 in. in.
4 lb.
4 ft.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy
SSW at 7mph


    1. George Lay 0
      It's a flipping jig, just smaller than what most people throw on falcon.
    2. jorge cavazos 0
      is it a swiming jig or a flipping jig?
    3. George Lay 0
      Yea wind was a mess Saturday.
    4. Jesus Sanchez 0
      Damn i Went satarday caught a few but the wind and cold front was still going.
    5. George Lay 0
      3/16oz green pumpkin jig, with a zoom swimming chuck trailer. All the fish were released, was trying to stack a spot for an upcoming tournament. Not sure if that ...more works but we're going to try it lol.
    6. Alvin Randolph 0
      The proof is in the livewell George...what size and color Strike Jig were you throwing?
    7. George Lay 0
      Thanks! Always wanted to fish Florida, maybe one of these days lol.
    8. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice work George. It's going off here in Florida too.
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