A photo of Jerry Henry's catch

Caught By

Jerry Henry
2/26/2016 6:13:00 PM

3lb 9oz. 19 inches long

Catch Details

Black Crappie
Kinkaid Lake

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Minnow tipped jig

Catch Conditions

WSW at 3mph


    1. Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
      Nice Crappie Jerry especially for up north
    2. kevin Mccall
      haven't seen a crappie that sweet since I left Minnesota...purdy!
    3. Alan Weisler
      That's a monster!!!
    4. Aaron Huffman
      Holy shit balls batman. Sweet ass crappie
    5. Joey Kilpatrick
      Holy shit.
    6. David Moore Jr.
      $uper $lab
    7. Pete Lyden
    8. Brian Quisenberry
      That's a hog crappie!!! Nice one!!!
    9. Tim Steinmetz
      Monster crappie! Nice catch!
    10. Kenneth Howard
      Wow! Crappiezilla:0
    11. Christopher Pereira
      19" wow, didn't even think they got that big
    12. Jonah Switzer
      Its gotta be close Alvin. What a fish!
    13. Alvin Randolph
      Phenomenal catch there Jerry...was she close to the state record?
    14. Nick Dahmen
      Good lord! That's giant!
    15. Andrew Feller
      Nice crappie that thing is huge
    16. kenny thompson
      Very nice crappie!!!
    17. Scott Schulte
      WOW!!!!! Very nice
    18. Jon Giacalone
      That's one awesome crappie!
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Catch Location

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