A photo of Luke Parker's catch

Caught By

Luke Parker
2/7/2016 5:30:00 PM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Percy Priest Lake

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4 lb. 1 oz.
1 ft.

Catch Conditions

SW at 10mph


    1. jim payne 0
      crappie report for week of 2/23/16
    2. Josh Ezell 0
      Thanks preciate the info u run into any stripe figure they may start getting up n creeks
    3. Luke Parker 0
      Both. This time of year is the best time to learn the lake if you are not familiar with it. I was actually back in Stewart's Creek
    4. Josh Ezell 0
      Guess when water warmed up shad got n shallow water fish followed...u finding baitfish visually or on sonar and/or both...just getting on lake water & Percy ...more prob not best to start on esp n winter but seems it will get right soon when they start to pre-spawn...u mind me asking where? It almost looks like cove next to & behind Fate
    5. Luke Parker 0
      Shad rap. We found some shallow baitfish. I didn't have any luck on a jerk bait. I started deeper with no luck. Didn't get a bite until after 10:30.
    6. Josh Ezell 0
      Jerk bait or shad rap I haven't been able find em shallow & primarily 2 baits been using
    7. Luke Parker 0
    8. Josh Ezell 0
      Shallow or deep?
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