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Greg Toney
2/4/2016 4:25:00 PM

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Largemouth Bass
Hartwell Lake

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2 lb. 6 oz.


    1. Greg Toney 0
      What times are you coming? I will open up in May and probably be there through August before a planned trip to Michigan in Aug and Sept. Target smallies or large ...more or both? It's 140 miles long so lots of options. Been fishing it for 20 years.
    2. Jack Marcinick 0
      I am heading to Guntersville in April. Might be a bit late for the spawn. Depends on how the rest of the winter goes. Definitely looking to visit Champlain sometime ...more this year. Would appreciate any notes or tips on where and how.
    3. Greg Toney 0
      I don't get to that area. But discussing Champlain is always fun. I do want to go to Guntersville in the future and was hoping to get there this spring. I went ...more last March and was clueless on the swimbait bite.
    4. Jack Marcinick 0
      I see by your profile you fish Champlain. I have a place on Chautauqua and would enjoy sharing notes.
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