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Kim Wege
1/30/2016 7:00:00 PM

Finally got out on the ice this past weekend. My husband had to drill about 900 holes before we found the crib but we got it(thanks to our Fishing Hot Spots map!) Set up the shack right over the top of it. Pulled a few 6-7 inchers off the crib and then this 14 inch SLAB came from a hole right outside the shack! Quick pic and successfully released.

Catch Details

Black Crappie
Moen Lake

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crappie minnow
1 ft. 2 in. in.
9 ft.

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    1. Joseph howes 0
    2. Brian K 0
      Great catch. The larger/feeding fish will always be on the perimeter of fish cribs or structure in general
    3. Dean Heslip 0
      Awesome! Nice fish. Caught a few the other day, but couldn't find a crib.
    4. Nice catch Kim
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