A photo of Jesse Riedmiller's catch

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Jesse Riedmiller
1/16/2016 9:00:00 PM

First Northern I've ever speared

Catch Details

Northern Pike

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Sucker Minnow
2 ft. 11 in. in.
5 lb.
13 ft.

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    1. Dale Socha 0
      Your a tough one Jesse. Speared it so cool
    2. Roy Carender 0
      Dang auto spell frog gigging
    3. Roy Carender 0
      Sounds like frog hugging down here I want to go lol
    4. Nick Dahmen 0
      Roy, it's a pitch fork looking "weapon." You can either use live bait or decoys to call in the pike...then you lunge the spear into the water (connected ...more to a rope) and it is VERY efficient! I've never gone, but I have watched TONS of youtube videos on it! Search "darkhouse spearing" if you're interested! That's a GREAT pike through the ice much less on a spear!
    5. Roy Carender 0
      I'm in ky so don't know much about north Fishin only toothy fish is walleye that why I asked what is a spear?
    6. Jacob Maki 0
      Nice, I still gotta get the spear shack out.
    7. Roy Carender 0
      What do u mean by spear?
    8. Christopher Pereira 0
      bet you it weighed more than 5lbs at 35", congrats!
    9. Nick Dahmen 0
      Pretty sweet!
    10. Jesse Riedmiller 0
      Thank you! Tim Steinmetz
    11. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome pike! Congrats on your first with a spear!
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