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Brian K
10/22/2015 4:00:00 AM

If you look closely, the bass had a crappie jig stuck in its mouth with about 2 ft of monofilament still attached. First time I've ever received a fishing lure from a fish!

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Mendota

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Clown Minnow Jerk Bait
1 ft. 8 in. in.
3 ft.


    1. Brian K 0
      Yeah Jon, I believe so. Bonus - it was glow in the dark!
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Looks like a mini mite?
    3. Brian K 0
      Thanks Rich! Steve- I'll take a freebie any day. I checked out your catches and see you fish Mendota a little bit. I'm hoping that's where you hauled ...more in those hawg northerns! I have caught a two largemouth in Mendota that I would like to think could be considered small trophy fish (not the one pictured) for the species in Wisconsin. The one thing those fish have in common is that they were caught in the complete dark on baits that were subsurface (not topwaters) while I was targeting walleye. I've also never caught bass that would be considered small at night while doing so. I guess this has kind of confirmed for me that the big ones really do feed at night but I think that term is still dependent upon conditions
    4. Steve Kappel 0
      Freebie's are alway welcome!! Get many at night?
    5. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice bass!!
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