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Brian K
6/21/2015 7:30:00 PM

Pike over 30" used to be common in these lakes but that is not the case any more. The only proven method I've found to catch the bigger pike is by trolling open water and dropping a line every time I see big arches under schooled baitfish. This fish was suspended in 60 ft of water

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Northern Pike
Waupaca Chain O' Lakes

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Gulp! minnow w/darter jighead
3 ft. 0 in. in.
30 ft.


    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Kitchitikipi is not a place you can fish, unfortunately. It is a huge natural spring that the state turned into a park and tourist attraction. I'm sure before ...more it became a park it was an excellent trout fishing spot though!
    2. Jacob Anderson 0
      Brian - We definitely should, I'm usually fishing by myself as well. It's cool to meet another angler on here who fishes the Waupaca area and it seems like ...more you know quite a bit about fishing the Chain. There are two boat landings on the Upper Chain, but both aren't that great and are suited for smaller boats only. I've found that fishing Marl on a cloudy day is usually your best bet. If it's sunny, I have a really hard time finding bass in my usual spots; I feel like they might go out into the deep hole in the middle but I don't have a fish finder to pin them down in the 59 foot depths. There are some nice ones in there though.
    3. Brian K 0
      Tim - The Big Spring sounds wild, it's now on my list of lakes to check out. Exactly, there are a ton of springs that feed these lakes in different areas. These ...more lakes are one of the few spots in central wisconsin that support a mass amount of cisco. A creek that supports naturally producing brown trout also feeds into these lakes. The brown trout move into the lakes when they get bigger and develop teeth and then get fat chasing the cisco. You need to get Jacob to take you down sometime. They can be very challenging because of water clarity & boat traffic in summer (pleasure boats - not fishermen) but a knowledgeable person like yourself would probably find some larger fish quickly Jacob- let's maybe get in touch this Spring. I'm usually fishing alone and two lines in the water is always better than one. I haven't done much fishing in the upper chain because of the limited public access. I do know that Marl lake is tough because of the extreme water clarity
    4. Tim Steinmetz 0
      36" is a respectable pike in my book! Those lakes sound pretty cool. They must be spring-fed. The only thing like that around me is Kitchitikipi -- Ojibwe for ...more "The Big Spring." The water temperature is 40 degrees year-round and you can watch huge lake trout swimming around in 50 feet of water. Have you ever tried tossing huge musky lures around in the Waupaca Lakes? I didn't even know big pike existed in my home waters until I started using those big lures. As soon as I started with the musky lures the 40 inch pike were just there.
    5. Jacob Anderson 0
      Yes they are, I haven't seen many other lakes as clear as these ones are. Cool, I mostly fish the upper chain, particularly Marl Lake, because I only have an ...more 8 foot kayak to fish from. From what I've read, the DNR stocked those in the 80's, so I'm guessing most if not all are gone by now, unless a private party stocked them more recently. My dad remembers them though, he grew up on Marl and would catch the smaller ones occasionally when they were first planted.
    6. Brian K 0
      Tim - yes I think Jacob can confirm that these lakes are extremely clear. It's unreal how clear they can be especially in the spring when water is still cold. ...more You can troll around and spot huge bass staging to spawn in 15 ft of water. Please don't make fun of this pike b/c I know the ones you catch on a daily basis would eat this one as a snack! Jacob - I've only been fishing the lakes for the past 3 yrs in the summer. I have a little dinger boat stashed in a boat house on Limekiln. I looked at fishing reports back to 2004 and people were posting pics of big pike on a regular basis. Were you old enough to remember the tiger muskies that were in the lakes?
    7. Tim Steinmetz 0
      That's really cool. Pelagic pike are not something you hear about every day! That looks like a really clear lake too.
    8. Jacob Anderson 0
      Nice pike! I've been fishing the Chain pretty regularly for several years and I think the biggest one I ever got was 28.
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