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Gabe Gunning
8/1/2013 8:08:00 PM

Burning it real fast outside hydrilla

Catch Details

Lake Townsend

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Spinner Bait
2 ft. 0 in. in.
9 lb. 14 oz.
2 ft.


    1. Gabe Gunning 0
      Un-Certified world record
    2. Gabe Gunning 0
      180 million year old living fossil
    3. Gabe Gunning 0
      Bowfin, don't know why it says largemouth
    4. Gabe Gunning 0
      I have lived in Greensboro, NC my entire life, 1 mile from Lake Townsend, never heard of nor seen such a veracious predator. I honestly thought I had the NC state ...more record largemouth for a good 30 seconds. Its teeth were almost 2 cm exposed
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