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che saephanh
10/17/2015 11:20:55 PM

im not sure if is a flounder. please let me know if im wrong

Catch Details

San Pablo Reservoir

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pile worms

Catch Conditions

SW at 9mph


    1. che saephanh 0
      please check view on map to know i didnt intentally post wrong locations names. how can i contact developers to fix this problem of automatically giving a location ...more name because i now notice my other catchs have wrong locatiokn names
    2. che saephanh 0
      im sorry for not taking the initiative myself to fix the name locations
    3. che saephanh 0
      look at my sting ray catch. it was from san pablo bay too but the app automatic listing says the delta.
    4. che saephanh 0
      im not posting wrong informatiom. its the fishidy app thats giving a name to my locations. check san pablo bay and youll see my post.
    5. Ham Bone 0
      This guys posting false locations Ive been fishing san pablo dam res for over 10 years its freshwater there ain't no sharks in there
    6. Christopher Pereira 0
      i thought those were saltwater fish. or is that place tidal?
    7. che saephanh 0
      thank you. it surprised me too. i didnt even see the bite. i was reeling it in to re bait
    8. Ham Bone 0
      Wow looks like a flounder to me crazy how ya never know what's in the water I fish san Pablo reservoir a lot got big trout sun channel cats a few Carp and bass ...more I've hear rumors of sturgeon in there and now a flounder I've seen it all amazing catch buddy
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