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chris kliman
10/3/2015 5:40:00 PM

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Northern Pike
Des Plaines River

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spinner bait


    1. chris kliman 0
      Hell yea bud Illinois waters have made a nice turn around.No I'm not by Waukegan. I'm from the nw burbs right outside of Chicago. That's just 1 of my ...more favorite hoodies from a salmon charter we took out of Waukegan. Lake Michigan is thriving though. If you check out some of my other pics you'll see a bunch of smallies from Lake Michigan out in Door County. We go for 2wks every yr. 1 of the days I caught 18 in like 4hrs while harbor fishing. Biggest was just under 5ilbs
    2. Tony DeMeo 0
      I know down by the des plaines conservation area you could catch 'em but I see you have a Waukegan hoodie on, so I'm guessing that you're fishing up ...more that way. Things have come a long way in Illinois, from the polluted waters of the DPR and the alewife covered beaches of lake Michigan, to the fantastic salmon fishing and zebra mussel clean water, pretty cool.
    3. chris kliman 0
      The dpr has definitely come a long way. A guy on another fishing forum just posted a pic of a big walleye he caught out of there. That was the 2nd that I know of ...more this season. Decent amnt of smallmouth and largemouth. Alot of pike and bowfin. Some longnose gar. I've also been told of muskie being in there.
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
    5. Tony DeMeo 0
      Who would have ever thought that the upper part of the DPR would be supporting a game fish population. When I was a kid, you wouldn't catch anything unless it ...more could be treated with antibiotics... That's really amazing to me, good fishing!
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