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matthew warden
9/27/2015 12:33:00 AM

Im coming to the Lake of the Ozarks for thr first time October 17th. What techniques and locations would be best to try first? Im just trying to figure out a game plan to catch a few good fish. Thanks!

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Largemouth Bass
Lake of the Ozarks

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Catch Conditions

E at 6mph


    1. Eddie Goode 0
      Your welcome Matthew. Hope it helps. Goode Luck
    2. matthew warden 0
      Eddie Goode i appreciate that info! Believe me i know how valuable waypoints are, thanks
    3. matthew warden 0
      you guys are awesome! thanks!
    4. Darrell Cook 0
      Current water temp was 77-78 degrees at the 2 - 4mm of the main channel.
    5. Darrell Cook 0
      Try Football head, Shaky Head with either a green pumpkin senko or a red shad 10 in power worm (with about 2 in off of head) work on bottom in between 2-8 foot of ...more water near deep water. Preferably a medium size flat near deep water. I have had this work the best from the dam to the 6mm and up the Gravois. Caught one 3lb and one 5 lb on Sunday 09/27 in about 3 hrs.
    6. Eddie Goode 0
      38.31883 -92.80117
      38.31902 -92.80025
      38.31948 -92.79902
      38.31981 -92.80507
      38.31878 -92.80736
      38.31427 -92.8083
      38.31321 -92.80836
      Here ...more are some of my locations to try.
    7. Eddie Goode 0
      Smoke color grubs or senkos around docks work well.
    8. matthew warden 0
      would it be better to go up above the niangua arms or stay back in the glaize or gravois arm?
    9. Dylan O'Neal 0
      Use lures that imitate shad that is what everything is feeding on. if you can find a school of feeding fishing throw your bait on the edges of the school of shad ...more that's where they will be.
    10. matthew warden 0
      thats awesome!
    11. Al Kimsey 0
      I stayed recently for a week and was in the downing branch cove. I caught several lmb in the 2-3 lbs range and one was 6-7. Mostly in coves where the water transitioned ...more from shallow to deep (8-10 ft). Some were on shad colored crankbaits, some on sexy shad spinnerbaits. I caught the big one under a dock on a grn/brn jig. Had a great week hope you do the same.
      Also caught a lot of spotted bass. They were biting whatever was moving.
      Good luck.
    12. matthew warden 0
      ok thanks! what do you think the water temp will be in 3-4 weeks? will the shad be starting to move back out or still be back in these coves?
    13. Cody Reeves 0
      We caught 9 today. Only three keepers. Fish in the coves where the wind is blowing in and you can see the shad. Find a point in one of these coves. Texas rigged ...more creature baits were working too. Or something on a shakey head jig.
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