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Aaron Wesselman
9/3/2015 11:07:00 PM

Caught both working lay downs. Largemouth and Smallmouth.

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Caesar Creek Lake

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2 lb. 3 oz.
6 ft.


    1. brian shigley 0
      Here is an article regarding spawning habitat for smallies. It would require some money and time and also the use of a pontoon or work boat to place them in the ...more water. Not many guys would be using their expensive bass boats for this. I can think of a couple of good places to put these, the first one being near the damn where rocks would be great cover for little bass. but you would also want anglers to avoid fishing these beds.

    2. Aaron Wesselman 0
      i think if it was somehow organized people would donate to the cause. sand isnt expensive and a couple hundred dollars could provide the habitat needed. obviously ...more the more money the better but a start is just that, a start.
    3. brian shigley 0
      If some volunteers added sand spawning beds CC would have a great smally population. It has been done in other locations. When the lake was young it wasn't ...more unusual to catch a lot of nice fish
    4. Aaron Wesselman 0
      not a monster by any means but that was by far the biggest I've caught out there. most of the ones I run into are the little 8-10 inch feisty fellas haha. and ...more always around long lay downs extending 10-20 feet outward from the bank.
    5. Dave Miller 0
      That's awesome... I didn't realize that there were any smallies in Caesar's Creek.
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