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Hector Alcaide
8/30/2015 1:20:00 AM

First time in that area, it's a canal in Lake Kissimmee State Park, Lake Wales, FL . Analog Scale at Bait Shop close to the area read : 13.3 lbs. Not Sure about that, other experienced Fisherman told me was around 15 lbs. Is going to my wall as a "Skin Mount Trophy" Bass ! Hector.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Kissimmee State Park

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2 ft. 4 in. in.
13 lb. 3 oz.

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    1. Brian Pentecost 1
      That's how I caught my biggest in Florida...11.2
    2. Hector Alcaide 0
      Brian Pentecost, a live "shiner". Hector
    3. comp User 0
      Heat and humidity is the reason I left Florida! Great place for wildlife a better place to sweat! Beautiful catch, that fish is HUGE...!!!!!!
    4. Brian Pentecost 0
      That's a giant! Perfect spot for her too! What did she fall prey to?
    5. Dean Haughey 0
      Great catch! But you should of signed up for Trophy Catch. You would of got $1000 in free stuff. Including a free fiberglass mount for that size. Look it up and ...more She would of been released when verified by FWC.
    6. Brian Quisenberry 0
      Damn!! That's an amazing largemouth!!! You are a lucky guy!!!
    7. frank brown 0
      very good
    8. Nick Dahmen 0
      That's definitely over 13, honestly closer to 15
    9. mike yon 0
    10. Ed Hesse 0
      That's a tremendous fish Hector. Looks over 13 to me.
    11. Chad mccaffery 0
      Nice catch!! You do what you want and get that baby mounted.
    12. Hector Alcaide 0
      Hi. I Agree with you 100% about the "replica" Actually that was the main idea, I have 'd big catch before and 99.99% of the time I just take picture ...more and released them. Thank you. H.
    13. Nick Dahmen 1
      Never a need to kill a fish for a trophy; they make replica measurements for a reason. Take a picture; have them make you a replica and let someone else catch that ...more beast
    14. Tristan Bapst 0
      U should have let it go and just taken pics
    15. Eddie Goode 0
      OMG. what a fish.
    16. scott jaworski 0
      Great catch. I agree with Mark. you can always get a mount off a picture. no need to kill such a great breeder. next year she might have hit 17#....
    17. Mark Sorensen 0
      Sure is a nice catch. It would be better to have a fiberglass mount and picture of the fish and the Bass still swimming the waters there!
    18. Hector Alcaide 0
      Sorry guys for the "no shirt" photo, was around 100* temp. plus the emotion of fishing I sweat a lot more ! Hector.
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