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eric berry
9/4/2015 2:28:06 PM

Trying to catch a small one that was chasing a school of minnows and this surprised me.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Percy Priest Lake

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Rapala Popper
1 ft. 10 in. in.
6 lb.

Catch Conditions



    1. eric berry 0
      Jamie, yeah I pretty much only fish the marina. With the cold nights now they're only up near Shores during midday. morning and evening try about 10ft off shore ...more bumping worms/craws.
    2. Jamie Watson 0
      U catching those things the same place as last time at the marina
    3. eric berry 0
      Yeah I post there too sometimes Will.
    4. Will Schibig 0
      Nice, wasn't that on Fishbrain?
    5. Christopher Pereira 0
      Nice surprise!
    6. eric berry 0
      Thanks guys! This was one fun fish to catch.
    7. nelson pegg 0
      killer nice catch!!!!!
    8. Rich Pardy 0
      Very Nice!!
    9. Jon Giacalone 0
      Nice fish!
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