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Aaron Wesselman
8/23/2015 5:05:00 AM

Fishing a hump in the main lake and caught a 4 or 5 about this size.

Catch Details

White Bass
Caesar Creek Lake

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1 ft. 4 in. in.
1 lb. 6 oz.
18 ft.


    1. Steverino Martino 0
      I used to fish for striped Bass. They are MOSTLY a mild white meat, BUT there is a brown stripe down the middle. You want to clean that stripe OUT or it gives it ...more a very fishy strong unpleasant flavor. If you clean it right I bet this would be a good eating fish.
    2. Aaron Wesselman 0
      We didn't keep them because we weren't sure how good they are to eat. I came home and talked to my grandfather and he said they aren't bad, but sort ...more of oily. Using 8 foot UL crappie rods it was a blast catching them. Heck of a fight compared to the crappie we were originally after!
    3. Steverino Martino 0
      Awesome! I hope to be out there in a few weeks. Never caught a white bass. I heard they aren't too bad to eat?