A photo of Steve Glew's catch

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Steve Glew
8/14/2015 11:41:43 PM

Catch Details

Northern Pike

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    1. Brian Houser 0
      Yea i remember when i came from 1/6 this year you brought us upstairs to meet the bc i did pretty good today prob the best day so far i do not have a kayak but im ...more sure you know barron he has a paddle raft we use so that could work
    2. Jason Glew 0
      *typically rather..
    3. Jason Glew 0
      Yep. Was a first sergeant over there. Retired just last month. Fish every weekend. We should get out some time. My brother and I typicall hit it from a kayak.
    4. Brian Houser 0
    5. Jason Glew 0
      What unit u with?
    6. Brian Houser 0
      I got one on sunday today i got 8 bass on shinners and a monster crappie im pretty sure we are in the same batallion
    7. Jason Glew 0
      Not too sure if we have northern pike here. Do we?
    8. Jason Glew 0
      When did you catch this?
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