A photo of Aaron Childers's catch

Caught By

Aaron Childers
6/24/2015 7:24:00 AM

Catch Details

Flathead Catfish
Green River Lake

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34 lb.
6 ft.


    1. Rob Oaks 0
      I LOL at men who tell other men to put a shirt on.
    2. Steve Trokan 0
      Awesome ! You noodlers are something else !Don't know if I could do it ,hats off to ya !
    3. Michael Wald 0
      Nice Cat ;-)
    4. T Sen 0
      Nice!! Didnt know Taylorsville had Flatheads...I know the Blues hit 30-40 pounds.
    5. JEFFREY Schumacher 0
      Thats a nice Flathead. congrats
    6. Aaron Childers 0
      They sure did! Their eyes were as big as golf balls when I came up with that one.
    7. scott clark 0
      I bet those boys loved that,lol
    8. MAC WAGNER 0
      "WOW" GREAT CATCH !!!!
    9. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Monster catfish! Nice catch!
    10. Eddie Goode 0
      Great pic. Put a shirt on next time before u take picture. LOL
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