A photo of William Buxton's catch

Caught By

William Buxton
6/11/2015 6:14:00 PM

Like Father like Daughter!

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Ouachita

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finesse worm


    1. Steve Ferguson 0
      Dang Nice!
    2. Jacob Maki 0
      Beauty, I'm talking bout the fish.
    3. JD Raper 0
      Go t the Van pack and cant wait to check out the lake. I will call you tomorrow from the road to talk about fishing opportunities. JD
    4. Matthew Wood 0
      K :(
    5. Travis Lilienthal 0
      Matthew ha ha cut it out
    6. Travis Lilienthal 0
      this picture will never get old hope yall frame it william!!
    7. Awesome Bass
    8. Matthew Wood 0
      Good job
    9. William Buxton 0
      Thanks Tim
    10. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Congrats on the Braggin' Board win!
    11. Travis Lilienthal 0
      Ha ha ha
    12. Matthew Wood 0
      Stupid auto correct
    13. tilly davis 0
      Love the picture sweet girl-great catch
    14. Matthew Wood 0
      I mean bass
    15. Ross Humphreys 0
      Nice Bass!
    16. Mark McWha 0
      Nice fish!!
    17. Travis Lilienthal 0
      I'm in aw goooooo Williams daughter
    18. Patty Buxton 0
      Proud of you Kayla!!
    19. T j Griffith 0
      Go Kayla Go. Get that fish. Girl power! Love it?!!
    20. Merle Rutledge 0
      Pretty awesome catch!
    21. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome bass William's Daughter!
    22. William Buxton 0
      Give me a call JD. 501-262-8440
    23. JD Raper 0
      I'm heading out there with the family in 1 one week. Besides worms what else does good there? I'm also bringing fly rods. Thanks JD
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