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William Tregidgo
7/26/2014 3:05:00 PM

31.5" full bred striper caught on live herring

Catch Details

Striped Bass
Lake Wallenpaupack

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Live herring
31.5 in.
10 lb.
10 ft.


    1. Frank Moro 0
      They go after the same baits as the small ones do, it's just luck. The first I had on was in late April in the middle of the day twitching jerkbaits for smallies. ...more The second was after dark last week.
    2. William Tregidgo 0
      30lb?! Those are the ones I want lol. What do you use to catch them in that size range?
    3. Eddie Aponte 0
      I need this in my life lol
    4. Frank Moro 0
      I call them smallies on steroids. I've lost two this spring at the boat that were around 30 pounds.
    5. William Tregidgo 0
      Yea these full breed stripers are beautiful fish, and powerful too
    6. Helena Nash 0
      Stripes r soooo defined!
    7. William Tregidgo 0
      Thanks Chris. I heard from friend that a few guys have pulled in striper 4x this size, about 40lb
    8. Chris Wehr 0
      Great fish! I certainly plan on targeting striper in the future.
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