A photo of William Tregidgo 's catch

Caught By

William Tregidgo
6/3/2015 3:46:00 AM

27" trout

Catch Details

Rainbow Trout
Lake Wallenpaupack

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Live herring
2 ft. 3 in. in.
8 lb. 10 oz.
20 ft.

Catch Conditions

E at 5mph


    1. William Tregidgo 0
      Thanks for the info Steven. Looked like a hybrid to me lol
    2. Steven Frymoyer 0
      That is brown trout. Only brown trout males get a jaw like that plus browns lose their color and go silvery when they are deep.
    3. Brian Sudul 0
      Slammer for sure... congrats
    4. William Tregidgo 0
      Haha, Yes it is Jessica. I have a great looking filet in the freezer waiting for me for the weekend
    5. Jessica Melendrez 0
      That's gunna be some good eating lol
    6. William Tregidgo 0
      Definitely a surprise lol. Biggest trout I've ever seen come out of the lake
    7. Chris Wehr 0
      I bet that was a surprise when you landed it.
    8. Frank Moro 0
      It almost looks like a brown/rainbow hybrid. haha
    9. William Tregidgo 0
      Originally I thought this was a brown trout but the hint of pink on the head and silver body makes me think it's a rainbow. When we piled it in I couldn't ...more believe the size of this thing. My buddy thought it was a rogue salmon lol
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