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Jim Petrausch
5/8/2015 6:13:00 PM

Caught 91 White Bass Thursday the 7th in the early am between daylight and 10am. All seemed to be males and milking....Caught near rock wall in Fremont.. Used a small jig with skirt and minnow with a small split shot about 18 inches up above the jig... was anchored and just casting out. Mainly on the down stroke after the cast is when they hit.. Moved for a bit into shade up river and caught a couple more. They were biting at almost all depths.. Very light strikes.. It almost felt like you might have a small amount of debree hit your line, then sometimes you would get a hard hit.. Mostly real soft hits...I think it will be strong for the White Bass for the on coming week for sure....

Catch Details

White Bass
Wolf River

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Puddle Jumper jig

Catch Conditions

W at 8mph


    1. Jim Petrausch 0
      the white bass bite is on and it probably will be all week
    2. Jim Petrausch 0
      1 1/2" on a regular size crappie jig and had a small crappie minnow hooked on as well with the puddle jumper..
    3. Melinda Otter 0
      What size puddle jumper did u use?
    4. Jim Petrausch 0
      Yeah you have to really watch the water temps and watch the lylacs when they start to bud up and bloom usually..I normally don't to to well with Walleye but ...more I do ok with the Whites... Thx too
    5. Tim Bixter 0
      Nice... Was up there 3 weeks ago and it was strictly walleye.. Wish I would have gotten more white bass but was pry too early...
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