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Anastacio Leal
4/19/2015 1:45:00 AM

11 blue cats 2 channel on bottom Carolina rigs.

Catch Details

Blue Catfish
Calaveras Lake

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Fresh shad
10 ft.


    1. Anastacio Leal 0
      I'll be back out this coming weekend. Good luck at Braunig.
    2. Skip Traeger 0
      I was thinking of trying out Calaveras next week (it's been a while) after I fish Braunig a few times this week - maybe see you out there.
    3. Anastacio Leal 0
      Haven't tried jugs yet. Was a good confidence builder after a skunked day lol.
    4. Skip Traeger 0
      Like that catch - have you tried jug fishing for the cats?
    5. Rocky s 0
      nice catches.
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