Caught By

Alan Sells
4/11/2015 3:11:00 PM

1.5 shad

Catch Details

Large mouth
Indian Lake

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crank bait
1 ft. 3 in. in.
1 lb. 3 oz.
5 ft.

Catch Conditions



    1. Alan Sells 0
      The main lake is just a few degrees behind the channel. I think it warms up so fast because of all the hyacinth and how shallow it is.
    2. Brian Pratt 0
      I'm guessing those canals warm up faster than the main lake then.
    3. Alan Sells 0
      60 degrees. It's probably gone up since then to
    4. Brian Pratt 0
      No way! 60 degrees is when bass start to spawn. I think it's a little early for that. We still have Walleye spawning in the Maumee River.
    5. Alan Sells 0
      what's going on at erie? I'd like to get up there soon
    6. Alan Sells 0
      60 on thursday
    7. Tim Swartz 0
      Hey just one other quick item, I didnt know canals went that far back, what was water Temp.
    8. Tim Swartz 0
      Nice Alan, glad to hear their hitting at Indian , halfta get down there
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