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Alex Lawrence
3/31/2015 5:17:21 AM

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Silver Lake

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green pumpkin senko
5 lb. 3 oz.
8 ft.


    1. Alex Lawrence 0
      U can fish for bass anytime but if trout season is closed u can't fish those places at all. U would have to get the ct fisherman's guide book or go on the ...more dep website and see where u can and can't fish. I fish bass tournaments and if we fish a lake that has trout we have to get a special permit to fish that place
    2. dawn Amore diaz 0
      new to fishing. is it OK to fish in Ct now. confused about "Trout season" opening day4/11. but I would love to fish for bass now. can i???
    3. Alex Lawrence 0
      I was just curious bc I remember seeing that fishing club jacket when I worked there
    4. Peter Gumprecht 0
      you inspired me to update my profile. thanks
    5. Peter Gumprecht 0
      I work in Wallingford, Barnes Industrial N at Expro Meters, Inc.
    6. Alex Lawrence 0
      This may b an odd question but do u work for Salsco inc
    7. Alex Lawrence 0
      I've been fishing silver lake since I was a kid I love that place it never dissapoints me
    8. Alex Lawrence 0
      I fish with rippin lips out of preston. I live in Wallingford
    9. Peter Gumprecht 0
      I belong to Mohawk Valley BassCasters out of Bristol. What club are you in?
    10. Peter Gumprecht 0
      I live in Southington but fished Silver Lake once early last year with minimal luck. I know it gets very weedy in the summer.
    11. Alex Lawrence 0
      Do u live near silver lake
    12. Peter Gumprecht 0
      Great fish Alex
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