A photo of Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.'s catch

Caught By

Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
3/24/2015 10:05:00 PM

151.4 Lbs. 58 inches 45 minute fight on 10 lb. Berkley Trilene XL

Catch Details

Mekong Giant Cat
Bung Kwan Fishing Park

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Bread with pound cake inside


    1. Apparently the bigger ones like to eat sweets
    2. J Fisher 0
      Pound cake. Lmao
    3. Yes it was. I’ll be going back next year hopefully. I just hate the 17 hour flight
    4. Kari Lynn 0
      That's just incredible....all cats love that structure trick. Lost tons that way. Must have been so exciting!
    5. I was the first fisherman to land this beast. It is a very smart fish. People would hook him but he always managed to get away. He wraps your line around pilings ...more which support the dock and breaks your line. He did this to me at least four times and each time I would lay on the dock with my pole and unwrap him. My brother in law would stomp on the dock to scare him out from under and back into open water. He even splashed coconuts in the water to keep him away from the dock.
    6. Thanks Kari Lynn, this was an epic battle
    7. Kari Lynn 0
      And I know what it means to do that with 10lb mono. I'm officially impressed.
    8. Kari Lynn 0
      I am officially left speechless. And they do call me Katfish Kari. You will now be referred to as "King Arthur the Catfish Great"
    9. Robert Weskamp 0
      Impressive to whack that beast on 10 pound mono.
    10. Jon Giacalone 0
    11. Hey Rich Thanks Buddy
    12. Rich Pardy 0
      Is that T-Gator I see!! Great pic!!
    13. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Hey, I remember this one! What a great fish!
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