A photo of Noah Humfeld's catch

Caught By

Noah Humfeld
3/22/2015 11:46:00 PM

Caught this Green Bay beauty pre fishing for an AIM Pro Walleye Series tournament. First fish of practice! Not a bad way to get the week rolling!

Catch Details

Green Bay-South

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Berkley Flicker Shad

Catch Conditions

E at 5mph


    1. Best eating fish I've ever had and I've eaten many fish. Good to leave the females to bread.
    2. Kevin Miller 0
      Hear that bud! Always let those females go.
    3. Noah Humfeld 0
      I started as a bass guy, but found that I think fish with teeth are more fun! Hey, I'm all about eating walleye too! My only rule is letting the big females ...more go!
    4. Kevin Miller 0
      Nice man! I love tourney fishing for sure. I'm a bass guy, but not against learning the walleye trail. I was just teasing you about the walleyed. I meant I'd ...more be eating all mine. Haha
    5. Noah Humfeld 0
      Thanks Kevin and Tim! I should clarify that this was from last year!! I put it up on the braggin' board and it ended up automatically posting the catch! For ...more me there is nothing like the rush of fishing a tournament, especially against the top walleye pros in the world! Kevin, the trail I fish might interest you, its the AIM Pro Walleye Series, and we don't actually bring in our fish. Instead, we take photos of them on a bump board and convert the length to a weight using a table provided to us. This way we don't hurt any fish! www.aimfishing.com
    6. Kevin Miller 0
      Nice eye bud! Good luck with the tourney. Hats off to you for fishing walleye tourneys, because there is no way in hell I could do that. I'd lose every tourney ...more because my bag limit is dead. They taste so good! Hahaha
    7. Tim Steinmetz 0
      I've never actually fished in the southern part, but I probably should. It sounds like it is a fantastic fishery!
    8. Noah Humfeld 0
      South end on the east shore!
    9. Tim Steinmetz 0
      What part of the Green Bay?
    10. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Great walleye!
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