1. Bream Fishing Trip out on the St Johns RIver

  2. Fishing on Lake toho

    link: https://bassonline.com/2016/07/fishing-on-lake-toho-in-kissimmee/

  3. Trying to catch some Peacock Bass, and instead you get this.

    1. Robert Coleman 0
    2. kenny thompson 0
      Nice snook!!
    3. Drew Gierach 0
      Those are nice surprises when they happen.
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  4. Catching some nice Peacocks with Capt Rob

    check out the report for more images and the local tip.


    1. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice peacock, what an awesome fish.
    2. Bass Online 0
      They put up a nice fight, but don't like the cold. if your looking to catch them, summertime is your best bet.
    3. Ryan Kruse 0
      Sign me up, nice fish.
    4. Drew Gierach 0
      Unbelievable looking fish. Definitely on my bucket list as we don't see anything like that around here.
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  5. We had a little bit of a late start but the big bass were still waiting for us

    link is to the fishing report

  6. It was a Little windy out but we still caught a few Bass though

    link: https://goo.gl/rmGIyQ

    1. Drew Gierach 0
  7. Fishing on Lake Toho with Capt Steve Niemoeller

    Link: https://goo.gl/m4bC5m

  8. Florida Peacock Bass Fishing with Capt Robert E Miley

    link: https://goo.gl/yuo5na

  9. TGIF hope everyone is having a great day. who is going fishing this weekend?

  10. Fathers Day Fishing Trip on Johns Lake with Capt John Leech

    link: https://goo.gl/Wyov2F