A photo of a Walleye

About Walleye

The walleye is similar in appearance to the Sauger but can be distinguished by the large black spot at the posterior base of the walleye’s spiny dorsal fin and by the white tip on the lower lobe of the caudal fin. Walleye have a large horizontal mouth with large pointed teeth. The body color is olive to brassy yellow with extensive mottling along the sides and a white or light cream venter. The six to seven saddles on the back are diffuse and ill-defined. The soft dorsal fin and caudal fin rays are pigmented, producing a somewhat mottled yet banded pattern. Spots on the spiny dorsal fin are small with no definite pattern or banding. Like the Sauger, the walleye has a characteristic lining behind the retina that makes the eye look silver. Adult size: 12 to 31 inches.

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