A photo of a Striped Bass

About Striped Bass

The striped bass has an elongate, compressed body and a relatively small head with an acute snout and a large, gaping mouth. Maximum body depth goes three or more times into standard length. The first dorsal fin has nine spines, the second fin has one spine and 12 soft rays. The front of the anal fin has three spines that are graduated in length. Two elongate median tooth patches are located on the back of the tongue. The lateral line is complete, with 57 to 68 scales. The back is dark gray to green: the sides are light green grading to silver with several continuous black stripes, and the venter is white to cream. Young striped bass have dusky vertical bars along the sides of the body. They have 7 to 8 bold, continuous black stripes that run horizontally along their sides. Adult size: 20 to 24 inches.

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