A photo of a Hybrid Striped Bass

About Hybrid Striped Bass

These bass are produced by artificially spawning a male white bass with a female striped bass. Offspring exhibit a wide variety of color patterns which can be confusing when trying to separate them from the young of either parent species. Hybrid bass can usually be distinguished from a striped bass by its broken lateral stripes along the lower sides of the body (continuous on striped bass) and a distinctively shorter, thicker, and deeper body form. Hybrid bass can be distinguished from white bass by its two tooth patches on the tongue, as opposed to only one tooth patch on the white bass. As they grow older, hybrid bass become thicker and deeper-bodied, giving them a distinctive short and stocky appearance. Adult size: 15 to 20 inches.

Common Names

Sunshine Bass, Cherokee Bass, Palmetto Bass, Wiper, Bodie Bass

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