1. Congratulations to my best friend Eric who caught his first and the only walleye I have ever seen in CT. I know they do exist here, but I was even more surprised ...more as we were fishing a river system for schooling stripers. Worse yet, in my excitement to land the fish I didn’t realize these suckers have teeth and I tried initially to lip it because I forgot my net and grippers. The resulting gash on the middle of my thumb resulted in me bleeding into my canoe and on my phone while trying to take this picture. Lesson learned, I really didn’t know much about this did not know much about this fish and bass tunnel vision doesn’t help, lol.

    1. Tim Crowley 0
      Nice catch! In 1986 I had been catching hundreds of bass and then caught a 19” brown trout with them. I lipped it because of bass on the brain. Same result blood ...more everywhere.☹️

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