1. hey can anyone tell me a good place to fish for bass, catfish, and or crappie near Little Elm, TX? I dont have a boat, so maybe a good bank, pier, or something? ...more please let me know. Im new to the area and want to fish! Thank you!

    1. Courtney Johnson 0
      Have u been fishing or do u know anyone who has been fishing at Boyd park? There's a dam there, so it looks kinda good
    2. Courtney Johnson 0
      I was thinking of going there Sunday, or to try at Boyd park, it looks like it might be good
    3. Lucas Currier 0
      I been fishing at the lewisville barge. catching a few channel cat and someone caught a 28 lb flathead the other day. Thursday was dead but the 2 previous days were ...more OK or so
    4. Courtney Johnson 0
      I will DEFINATELY let you know...all I've caught so far is a bunch of bluegills and a couple greedy turtles..will keep trying to catch some bass and catfish..will ...more let you know..
    5. Lucas Currier 0
      if u find a good catfishing hole lmk. I been getting skunked all over the place out here on the colony side of the lake

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