1. Me and my brother was fishing on Friday and was launching from the Sanger boat ramp. Understanding the Bass Masters were here pre-fishing. But you would think professional ...more fisherman would be respectful enough to park where others could still put in and take out their boats, but I guess these guys think they are way are better than the rest of us by blocking all access to put in and take out our boats! Especially when the high water has closed a lot of other options. This has really disappointed me and the level of their professionalism!! A** Holes!

    1. David Houdek 1
      what a bunch of assholes
    2. Jeffrey Brewster 1
      Don't fool yourselves. Professional bass fisherman don't want locals on the lake when they are fishing. There was one interview where a "Pro" ...more proposed closing down the lake to locals while they fished.

      Yep, that's what we are dealing with.
    3. Todd Barnes 1
      That pisses me off. What a bunch of pricks.
    4. Randall Brockett 1
      agree with this totally! this was ridiculous! these guys should be more respectful of other local fishermen.

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