1. just signed up and paid premium fishidy and works ok on my main computer but cant get premium working on my lap top. The phone # is backed up. Could anyone help ...more a rookie use this thing?

    1. Jim McFarlane 0
      Fish catch was poor but fishing was great. We got blown off the lake several days and that never helps when you don't know the lake well. I have a question ...more about the app on my phone. Is there any way to filter out some of the display info to make it easier to read? It is too congested and it would be nice to change the contrast to see better.
    2. Scott Obeidzinski 0
      jim. how is fishing
    3. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Good Luck tomorrow 👍🏻
    4. Jim McFarlane 0
      Wonderful! I think I found it myself but, heading to Long Lake in Washburn County Wis tomorrow morning and would appreciate a friendly safety net if I need further ...more help.
    5. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      private message Jon Giacalone. He will get it set up for you👍🏻

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