1. running rat"l"traps in the rain

    1. Willy Fresh 0
      I do it for a quick picture every now and again bc it flares the gills and shows the size and features of the fish but I don't hold them like that , hell I don't ...more even touch the sides bc I don't wanna rub off their protective film
    2. Willy Fresh 0
      yeah, I fish this same lake 4 days a week and have never harmed or killed on and actually sometimes catch the same ones hours later lol I am very careful with the ...more fish and have been fishing for over 20 years so it's all good buddy
    3. Dustin Tyler 0
      Yep just a heads up! I used to always hold my fish like that too I didn't know until I got my own place with my own private pond.. after a hard day of fishing ...more it wasn't uncommon to see multiple dead bass floating over the next few days. After doing some research found that it is very hard on the fish and most ppl don't even know.
    4. Willy Fresh 0
      lol I usually hold them with 2 hands or parallel but , it was just a quick split second that I did only for a pic bc it shows the fish better in my opinion, then ...more I set the bass back in the water and and swayed he back and forth until she bolted, she was out of the water for about 30 seconds if that but I appreciate your concern :)
    5. Dustin Tyler 0
      If you want to hold the bass parallel to the ground you should always use a second hand never just force up with its jaw.
    6. Dustin Tyler 0
    7. Dustin Tyler 0
      Nice fish! But just so you know it is typically fatal when you hold a bass like that. When you use their jaw to hold up their entire body weight it usually leaves ...more the bass unable to feed which eventually leads to its death. Watch any bass master tournament and they will always hold the bass straight up and down perpendicular to the ground. Most ppl refer to fisherman that hold bass like this as bass killers FYI
    8. Willy Fresh 0
      this was yesterday day evening lol it's funny u mentioned that bc I am on the same situation and my buddy has been sending me pics all morning of the bass he ...more caught ... TORTURE :'D
    9. David Garloch 0
      And I'm stuck at work.......

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