1. I see a lot of people posting crappie pictures right now. After many attempts at various times of the year, I still cannot figure out how to catch these tasty fish. ...more Somebody help!

    1. I've caught them in as little as 2 feet. You'll have to search, shallow mud flats or sand. They're in spawning mode now.
    2. Max Cobb 0
      The water temp is 58 in the lake I am fishing this weekend. Will they be on points in 10ft water or on flats? Brush or hard bottom?
    3. Once you find them stick with them because sometimes they can be picky. They mostly travel and hang out in schools. So once you catch one you should be able to catch ...more a bunch. Chris and I have had 100+ days. Try different colors until you find out what they want.
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      how warm is your water in south carolina? if it's in the 60's already you're going to want to look for structure somewhat nearby deeper water. they ...more love docks in or near deep water and any structure that isn't super shallow. I'd recommend staying into the dark if you want the really big ones sometimes wait til then to feed heavy it seems.
    5. Max Cobb 0
      Thanks for all of the great tips guys! Maybe I will give it a shot this weekend.
    6. Usually the North end of the lakes heat up first Max. Also try slingshot casting up under the docks
    7. Max Cobb 0
      Haha! That's a good one Andrea! Thanks for the advice!
    8. Steven jeffer 0
      fish dead end channels. thats where the warmest water will be. hit the docks and wood. i just use minnows but gulp minnows work to on a jig head
    9. Andrea Wyatt Purnell 0
      Watch the water temp. They are transitioning toward shallower water in Arkansas. 10-14 ft total depth and suspended about 8-9 ft, moving up during the daytime. Use ...more your maps and look for flats, creek bed channels and brush piles. Didn't have much luck yet closer to the bank but they are definitely transitioning toward that direction. Water temps here ranged from around 49-53 this past weekend. As the sun come out and mid day hits we noticed they came up and even hit some of the top minnow rigs. This usually means you are fishing too deep when they only hit the top (double rig) Also, if you've never tried Capps and Coleman minnow riders.. give them a shot. I can't explain the difference but all I will say is we were hesitant to spend the $ but we will never go back! There is a lot of truth behind them. Start with the pink jig! Crappie are a lot like women.. They are hard to figure out and what they want seems to change frequently! Lol! Let you tube be your best friend! Watch some videos and it will rally help you.
    10. Scott S 0
      Sometime I will start off with a bobber and minnow to locate the fish and then switch to a crappie jig and fish the same type areas as where I caught fish on the ...more minnows. Beetle spins will catch Crappie, I'm just not sure if the water is up to temp where you are fishing. If the water temp is below 55 deg. they will probably be a little deeper 8-14 ft. and not want to chase baits.
    11. Max Cobb 0
      Fishing "trial and error" for crappie like I do bass - moving from dock to dock or fall down to fall down, casting beetle spin jigs, is that an option? ...more Or I have to know where they are and throw different baits in one spot until they bite.
    12. Max Cobb 0
      Thanks guys! I think the toughest part for me is choosing the right spots. I am fishing Lake Greenwood SC. If I go fishing this weekend, where do you think they ...more will be holding? Are they up on docks with brush by now? Or are they staging on points? Do you have to know a secret spot to get into a school of them, or can you pick them off like bass?
    13. Andrea Wyatt Purnell 1
      Try either Jenko mermaid jig bodies, Bobby garland slab slayers or beaver bottom baits! Our go to is always a pink or chart jig head. I love the Jenko slasher heads, ...more pro-built jigs, and the beaver bottom jigs are really good too. I like a real eye better than a painted eye. Tip with minnow and make sure you aren't fishing under them! They feed up. As for jig colors.. typically depends on the lake. We mostly have muddy water around us. We always try black/chart, bluegrass, dirty milk and orange/chart. Had really good luck with beaver bottom- "mr. Wister, blue grass, fried pickle, screw driver and pink panther". Jenko- " bluegrass, blue ice, dirty milk, pepper dew, blue ice, sunburst,and lucky leprechaun". BG- gumdrop, white/chart, firefly. Just look up colors of the names above and go from there. You have to be willing to try a lot. They may change what they want from day to day or lake to lake. Do what he said above. They like a moving bait most of the time. Read up on the lakes you fish and see what others are saying and see what they are using! Ask around too! The worst you can get is nothing. Hope this helps!
    14. Where are you fishing Max
    15. Christopher Pereira 0
      Shallows near deep water with inlet or creek nearby. Small colorful plastics or baits 1-2ft under a bobber. Pull it pause or jiggle it.

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