1. Went to Duck Creek Village, Utah for two days for the opportunity to fish Panguich Lake. From what I've read this lake has some big fish in it and is pretty ...more well known. Once I got there the news said it was closed to do a toxic algae bloom. That messed up my plans and I ended up catching some stockers out of a local pond instead. Can't win 'em all. Tried Navaho Lake (pictured) but got skunked, which is rare for me. Still had a great time being out there.

    1. Bryan Harper 0
      I lived mostly around the LA & Orange County boundary! Cities I lived in were Lakewood,Buena Park,Placentia,Huntington Beach,etc! I now live an hour away from ...more Grand Junction,Co
    2. Thomas Davey 1
      I too grew up in So.California with my father taking me to the Eastern Sierras twice a year. Also have a cabin in Colorado so I had the best of both mountain ranges. ...more Living in Vegas puts me right in between so no complaints. Panquich will have to wait until the weather is cooler.
    3. Michelle Mesa 0
    4. Bryan Harper 1
      That sucks but at least you had a good time! I was born in California and my Grandparents would always go to Panguich back in the 60’s-70’s. I now have lived longer ...more in Colorado throughout my life! I do wish I had fished around the Sierras when I was younger!

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