1. 22 inch large mouth with a white spinner

    1. Willy Fresh 0
      thanks Jimbo
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Great catch bud!! 🎣🎣👊
    3. Willy Fresh 0
      there are a few I want to get to this fall when I have time off including cheat
    4. Willy Fresh 0
      no , but I want to
    5. Josh Sommerville 0
      You ever fish Cheat Lake?
    6. Willy Fresh 0
      i see alot of jon boats dropped in but only once in a while I see bass boats and they are usually upper lake
    7. Willy Fresh 0
      yeah u can put a boat in but the bottom lake is a bit small
    8. Willy Fresh 0
      I have people tell me all the time it's a waste of money and I won't catch anything there but I have caught dozens of bass and quite a few between 15 to ...more 20 inches and this bass is the biggest I caught from the lake so far
    9. Josh Sommerville 0
      can you put a boat in it. i pay 40 a year at stonewall to use resort area boat ramp.
    10. Willy Fresh 0
      well it's a private lake it cost 25 dollars for a permit for the year but I think I was told it will be state owned after january 2019
    11. Josh Sommerville 0
      Never been there bud.
    12. Willy Fresh 0
      thanks, I caught her at deegan and hinkle lake in bridgeport , the lower lake
    13. Willy Fresh 0
      thanks rick
    14. Josh Sommerville 0
      I know that feeling Rick pissed the rain down here all day. good bass Will. where you catch her at?
    15. Rick S 0
      Wow, Nice Bass!. Glad to see someone got out today,nothing but steady rain here since yesterday
    16. Willy Fresh 0
      thanks man
    17. jeff mcelroy 0
      good fish
    18. Willy Fresh 0
      lmao thanks, I had a 25 minutes window before the rain set in for the evening so there was no time for pants ;p
    19. Tasha Larsen 0
      Nice PJs
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