1. HYBRID Tournament, Team Topaz finishes 3rd!!!!!

    You can’t win em’ all! We fished from 6AM-8PM without stopping! It was a slow pick! We got our fish but just ...more couldn’t find that kicker fish to put the icing on the cake! It happens! This could’ve ended differently if there wasn’t so much shared information on the water. We were in first most of the day but got knocked into 3rd place by a father daughter team, I’m proud of them as they fished all day the same amount of time we did! They got us by .02 ounces! That little girl has heart man, I’m amazed!!! The first place dude, ahhhhhhh, I don’t know him for shit! But he got us by .40 ounces. Grrrrrrrrr, LOL!!! We needed a 6.3 ounce fish to win but the fish kept getting smaller as the day went on. Total fish caught between myself and Cap’n Mikey Topaz, about 30 fish between 3.5-6.30 lbs. We’ll beat his ass next year like we beat his ass last year!!! Oh, we’ll be back, that’s for sure! LOL!!! TIGHT LINEZ! “THIS, IS STILL WHAT WE DO!!!”

    P.S. We’re not too happy with this 3rd place finish at all! See you on th grounds next year!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. It's all about sticking with it!! It's tough some day but fishing heart wins out :)
    2. Christopher Pereira 1
      if ya aint first yer last! always a bit of luck involved, you can only make so much of your own. bet that other team had 4 leaf clovers up their butts!
    3. Bryan Harper 1
      WTG Ed! 🎣
    4. Buddy Pierce 1
      Nice Ed

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