1. Is anyone else not receiving comment alerts and not being able to view them. Is Fishidy pushing us to upgrade? Maybe it is just my phone fooling with me again, ...more sometime it gets a life of its own!!

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      You have to unload the app.. then reload it.. and then it should update when that is done.. AT LEAST THATS WHAT WORKED FOR MY PHONE.. i had to do that a few months ...more ago with my PHONE. OR if not, you can hit Jon Giacalone in your private messages and ask him for him some help, IM SURE HE WILL POINT YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.. hope that helps guys
    2. Christopher Pereira 0
      they're always updating stuff on here, so there will always be bugs that need fixing. just let them know and they usually take care of it quick.
    3. Roger Parker 0
      That's funny,, I got this one but all others say "I need a bigger boat"!! Lol... and they ain't lying I could always use a bigger boat!!
    4. Mike Ellertson 0
      Hey roger I'm not getting them either

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