1. Newbie question: Fishing with 8 lb test. So anything large will snap the line then?? Might end up joining something much more than bass.

    1. Robert Coleman 0
      It's all in your drag! You can land a huge fish on 4lb test if your drag is set accordingly. As long as they can take line before it breaks, you can land them. ...more May take a little longer, but it CAN be done..... see my post of Musky from last year!
    2. Heidi C 0
      I wanna book whatever I can get but it's set up with 8 lb test 30 lb braid with a leader.
    3. Heidi C 0
    4. Chuck Runyon 0
      Yea I have 8lb test on for bass, and you can go 30 lb braid with a leader and it the same diameter what are you after catfish carp
    5. Drew Gyang 0
      Not necessarily. You can bring in pretty large fish with 8lb test. The bigger concern is a fish with sharp teeth biting through the line.
    6. Heidi C 0
      Hooking* not joining

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