1. Has anyone been doing any good on walleye out here this year? I've done great in years past here but this year has proven to be a real test I cant figure out ...more what the deal is.

    1. G. F. 0
      been catching a few. definitely not as good as years passed
    2. Ronald Howell 0
      Tyler my brother in law and myself did ok at the beginning of May. We fished for 11 days out of 15 and found the night bite to be the most productive. They were ...more deep. In the 22 to 25 ft range. Live bait with just enough weight to get it to the bottom. We would then jerk the bait up about 2-3 feet and and then it settle back down, 90 % of the bites were on the jerk up. Bass minnows worked best.

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