1. Thanks for the outpouring of kindness following the loss of our daughter, Shelby. The grief and shock of that night will be forever with us. What will always be ...more with us is the remarkable kindness of all the family here at Fishidy who somehow knew and have offered their love and support during this difficult time. Please know that all of you with your presence, thoughtful deeds and offerings have made it possible for us not only to grieve, but remain positive feeling the outpouring of love we have felt from our family, friends and neighbors.
    Thank you and know that you are in our prayers as we are in yours.

    Eddie and family

    1. Dan Hobby 0
      So sorry for your loss. It's hard to understand gods' plan but stay strong
    2. Mike Warford 0
      Very sorry to hear of your loss Eddie.
    3. Gary Carrier 0
      So sorry for your loss! My prayers continue for encouragement and strength as you face the days ahead! Your memories will grow more fond and precious with the passing ...more of time. God bless you and all the family.
    4. Tim Walsh 0
      Sorry to Hear Man.
    5. Terry Taylor 0
      So sorry for your loss
    6. Carol Hutchinson 0
      My thoughts and prayers are with you. We lost our grand son a year ago. It's a difficult process and sometimes you just don't have the words to express to ...more someone when this happens. So sorry for your loss.
    7. Richard Caddell 0
      Brother - so sorry for your family loss.....Prayers with you and your family.
    8. Scott Taylor 0
      So sorry for your loss
    9. jonathan a 0
      So sorry for your loss Eddie...Praying for y'all.
    10. mike bell 0
      OMG my thoughts a prayers are with you and your family
    11. William Santucci 0
      I'm so sorry for your loss, Eddie. I can't even imagine that, and my prayers are with you.
    12. J Rob 0
      Eddie I am very sorry. The loss of a family member is a stinging tragedy. I lost my friend, life long fishing partner, buddy and dad two years ago to cancer. ...more There is not a day that goes by that you don't miss them. But somehow you retell those old stories and share those good times with others and let their true spirit shine through, that way it's like they are always in the room with us laughing right along.
    13. carl schulze 0
      sorry eddie
    14. Eddie Goode 0
      Thanks for all the support and prayers. She was 21 and loved to fish and hunt. I got her a new bow for Christmas and gave it to her early so we could hunt together ...more this past fall. I will see her again.
    15. Delvin Lopez 0
      So sorry for you and your family Eddie. May the love of Christ and your family give you comfort in the days ahead.
    16. Shawn Gearinger 0
      So sorry for your loss Eddie! Praying for your family.
    17. THOMAS CULP 0
      Sending prayers and positive waves.
    18. Bob kalbaugh 0
      Very sorry for your loss.
    19. Trent Hinshaw 0
      Praying for y'all, there will be a happy reunion one day.
    20. Roger Parker 0
      You are in our prayers,,, I'm am so sorry..
    21. Jeremiah Wattigny 0
      Prayers my fishing friend
    22. Matt Brahm 0
      so sorry to here that. my family will be praying for yours.
    23. Desiree Miller 0
      So sorry for your loss Eddie.
    24. Brian Quisenberry 0
      I'm so sorry for your loss Eddie. I can't imagine! Saying a prayer for your family
    25. Scott Sorrell 0
      So sorry to hear about your loss....that's a parents worst nightmare....I will keep your family in my prayers
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