1. Spent the last two days kind of feeling things out.... Word of caution be very careful if you go north of the last bridge lots of stumps and in the old river channel ...more lots of unpredictable debris that may knock your transducer off and cause you to go to the bass pro shop in Cincinnati to get a new bracket.... We're done exploring now it's time to get serious about putting fish in the boat..... Crappies we've been catching easily early average 9-10 now time for some eyes!

    1. Joshua Krieg 0
      Great. Thanks a ton!
    2. Jake Joseph 0
      Just south of the power lines near Quakertown on the east bank is a little cove we caught them on slip bobbers and live bait around the mouth of that cove and then ...more 100 or do yards further south is a bigger cove and we caught them around the submerged wood at the mouth of that cove right where it starts on the south bank
    3. Joshua Krieg 0
      So crappies all over? Heading up Tues and trying to get my kids on some. Any general locations on lake you mind sharing? Thank you!
    4. Jake Joseph 0
      3-4 cats for every walleye but it was all good to catch
    5. Jake Joseph 0
      Crawler harnesses and whistler jigs in the river channel near Egypt hollow..... Hot pink and hot purple whistlers and glow white two hook rigs and two hook orange ...more and black crawfish colored rigs were my best producers
    6. Tyler Gainey 0
      were you ever able to get on the walleye good and catch a limit? if so what ended up working best, going back Monday if the weather cooperates.
    7. Jake Joseph 0
      Crappies and catfish everywhere Walleye deep and concentrated on the old river channel on the big sand flats
    8. Mckinen Flannery 0
      any luck yet?
    9. Tyler Gainey 0
      wow that is crazy its been so tough on the walleye still.
    10. Jake Joseph 0
      Eyes have been slow.... Crappies anywhere you want to find them.... Limb lining for catfish has produced good eaters.... water 64-68 depending on where you're ...more at north or south end of the lake
    11. Tyler Gainey 0
      Has the bite been better for you? I would assume that it will be getting good around now.

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