1. Any recent info anyone is willing to share? Water temp? Depth fish have been hitting? Hot color lately? We will be arriving tomorrow for 6 days, I will update a ...more few times a day anything we find.

    1. Jake Joseph 0
      Got on the water about 4PM caught a few crappies but nothing to write home about
    2. Mckinen Flannery 0
      any luck yet? we ended up fishing a small farm pond instead
    3. Mckinen Flannery 0
      will do. we've caught all of our trout under the bridge closest to the Damm. there is parking lot and a path that makes it very easy access. all we do is ...more drag half a nightcrawler on the bottom and have a medium sized split shot up about 18" from the hook. we us like a number 4 or 6 hook and thread the nightcrawler on just like you would put a bait on a jig head and let the rest of the worm just move with the current. just cast out and let it float down stream and let it sit out there for 5 or 10 minutes before reeling it in and keep repeating that.
    4. Jake Joseph 0
      Good to know! We plan to try for the trout at least once or twice.... If you'll share anything you learn it would be most appreciated and I'll be more than ...more happy to do the same
    5. Mckinen Flannery 0
      I'll be out there in the morning. we've been killing the rainbow trout in the tail water but this will be our first time on the lake this year

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