1. Anyone hear about a fish kill on Brookville!? A buddy of mine is seeing pics of dead fish supposedly from Brookville on Facebook.... Fishidy and YUDU are my only ...more social media..... Can anyone local confirm please?

    1. Neal W 0
      Was there Saturday never seen it that muddy and huge waves 20 mph winds
    2. Jake Joseph 0
      That's what I think too.... My buddy sent me the pic and I was just curious what the local take was
    3. bryan lucente 0
      turbulent water, drastic temp change and low oxygen levels from all the mud stirred up in lake from big storm that rolled through
    4. Jake Joseph 0
      The pictures have crappies and white bass in them and show it right along with the high water so I don't think I s the same thing
    5. David Allen 0
      All I could find was an article from about two or 3 years ago. It was exactly the same article that was posted. Only killed carp. Now if we can just isolate that ...more virus and use it on the Asian carps.....
    6. Scott S 0
      Thank GOD it only killed Carp...
    7. Scott S 0
      BROOKVILLE, Ind. —
      State wildlife officials are blaming a virus for killing at least hundreds of fish in an eastern Indiana reservoir this fall.

      The Indiana ...more Department of Natural Resources says the koi herpes virus killed perhaps thousands of common carp in Brookville Lake. The sick and dying fish were first reported in mid-September at the lake in Franklin and Union counties.

      The agency says KHV affects common carp and koi, which is a carp species often found in ornamental ponds and widespread in the aquaculture industry. Officials say the virus isn't harmful to people.

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