1. QUESTION: In PA after March 1st you can not fish BIG BASS restricted lakes that "stock trout". The PA fish and boat rules on this are very unclear. The ...more fishing summary on the PA Fish and Boat Site says the trout lakes are marked with an * asterisk. BUT none of the BB lakes are marked? Can anyone confirm if Key Stone power dam lake is off limits at this point?

    1. pat delaney 0
      Thanks Keith !
    2. Keith Maginsky 0
      Pat... i saw no posted time limit on line or at the lake, but read the notices on the board by the launch. I'm fairly sure they increased the limit to 20hp.
    3. pat delaney 0
      Is there a time limit at Keystone dam ? Can I launch my boat and fish till after dark ? Also do you know the HP limit ?
    4. pat delaney 0
      Thank you Jen !
    5. Jenalee Kostella 0
      Keystone lake has 2 boat launches but the one on 210 is a better launch, it's open year round but they take the dock out in the late fall. And I have seen ppl ...more ice fishing on it.
    6. Keith Maginsky 0
      I called fish and boat yesterday to get clairification on the big bass rule. The guy read the rule, he seemed confused about closing on 1 March vs trout. He finally ...more just said ALL the BB lakes close 1st March. I said, that's not exactly what is written here? Did not matter to him. So, personal opinion. I think you are correct. If it's not a trout lake... it's still open.
    7. Keith Maginsky 0
      Have to watch the time of year, if there is not much rain, the water level goes way down. Also in the fall. Makes launching real hard on the west side. East side ...more is normally ok.
    8. pat delaney 0
      Thank you
    9. b ripoer 0
      there are 2 good boat launches Nu Mine on the north shore and one on White Oak Rd. there are also several primitive accesses according to the web page. I'm not ...more sure about HP limits on Keystone Power Dam. It does have a good small mouth population my buddy fished it last year and did well in the spring.
    10. pat delaney 0
      Curious, how many boat ramps are on Keystone Power Dam lake ? And is it true they just increased the HP rating to 20hp ?
    11. b ripoer 0
      keystone lake in Westmoreland co is an approved trout water and is open year round. keystone power dam is not an approved trout water and should be open to fishing ...more all year just make sure fish are in season if you are planning on keeping any. hope this helps
    12. Keith Maginsky 0
      I think that is a different Keystone lake. The Power dam Keystone lake is in Armstrong County and is not listed for year-round fishing. The Keystone Lake in Westmoreland ...more is and year-round lake.
    13. Doug Hilliard 0
      Keith Keystone lake is listed as open all year in the Pa fish and game regulations.

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